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Data Analytics Accelerator Course

Unlock the Power of Data With Our 6-Week Data Analytics Accelerator Course

Welcome to your data-driven journey, where you'll master the power of Excel, SQL, and Power BI in just six weeks! Our tailored course is designed to empower you with the analytical and visualization skills that top businesses crave. Whether you're looking to enhance your skills, transition careers, or amplify your business insights, our accelerator course is the fuel you need.

Our course modules are stacked to ensure you get a comprehensive understanding of data analysis from scratch, progressing to the most powerful functionalities. We introduce you to the ins and outs of Excel, move to database management with SQL, and conclude with data visualization using Power BI, culminating in a project presentation that demonstrates your newfound prowess.

Our dedicated, industry-expert instructors are excited to help you gain the skills to not just understand data, but to make it tell a story, solve problems, and drive decision-making. The Data Analysis Accelerator Course is where your future in data starts!

Course Outline

Week 1: Excel Fundamentals

  • Excel Basics: Navigate and master Excel's primary functions.

  • Advanced Excel Functions: From Pivot tables to lookup functions, dig into Excel's powerful features.

Week 2: Excel's Logic and Text Functions

  • Logical Functions: Leverage IF, AND, OR functions to make Excel work for you.

  • Text Functions: Manipulate text data seamlessly with CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT, and more.

Week 3: Databases & SQL

  • Introduction to Databases: Understand the essence of databases and how to query them.

  • SQL Basics: Master the SELECT statement, WHERE clause, and ORDER BY clause.

Week 4: SQL's Rich Functionality

  • Aggregation Functions: Use aggregation functions to get insights from data.

  • Joins and Subqueries: Master SQL joins and subqueries for sophisticated data analysis.

Week 5: Power BI for Data Visualization

  • Power BI Fundamentals: Get introduced to data modeling and navigating Power BI.

  • Creating Visualizations: Create, customize, filter, and sort compelling visualizations.

Week 6: Data Visualization Project

  • Project Overview: Plan, source, and begin your Power BI data visualization project.

  • Finalizing and Presenting: Refine, finalize, and present your project to the class.

By the end of our six-week journey, you'll have the skills to navigate and use Excel effectively, create advanced functions and formulas in Excel, query and analyze data using SQL, use SQL functions to aggregate and join data, create data visualizations using Power BI, and develop a data visualization project using Power BI. Your data journey starts here!

What People Are Saying:

" You gave me everything I needed and I knew I just had to succeed"


" Eno is passionate about helping others grow in their careers, I would recommend her every time"


" Eno helped my career in Business Analysis become a reality, I am glad our paths crossed"