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What is the biggest challenge you face in your role as a Business Analyst?

In this article, you will find information about the challenges that Business Analysts encounter in their role that may pose a threat to their project progress. 

Top Challenges as a Business Analyst

You will find several challenges that you have to overcome in your role as a Business Analyst. Some of these challenges will need to be changed while others can be avoided. These are the Top Business Analysts' challenges you will have to overcome. 

1. Conflict in Negotiations: This is a challenge that is difficult to overcome in the beginning because of the fear of losing the client if you reject their offer, even if you feel your price is reasonable. You will find several clients who do not want to pay any price and are ready to go with a provider that is less expensive, even if they do not trust you. You will find the best way to handle this is by listening to the client when they explain the main reasons why they prefer a cheaper provider.

2. A lack of real-time information and context: An insufficient understanding of both the complexity of a business system and the essential information required to succeed in a project is an inevitable concern of the Business Analyst. Lack of understanding of the business requirements and business processes may delay the business decision-making process, slow down the project team, and hinder a successful project. 

3. Low productivity due to long turnaround time for a project: Unnecessarily long turnaround times mean that a project is taking more time than it should and increasing the scope and timeline of the project. It also makes it more challenging to schedule and also reduces the chances of cost-saving through accelerated usage of existing IT solutions. 

4. An unclear project scope: The scope of a project is essential to gaining insight, business perspective, and understanding of what the task to be accomplished is and how it should be done. Time Validation needs to be done to make sure that you have completed the right tasks within the given time. Of course, there are plenty of tasks that can take time, so make sure that you don’t waste too much time on small jobs, or on projects that don’t have high ROI. You should have a good check on your time management. It will make your work much easier. 

The Skills Required to Overcome the Barriers

If you are in the role of Business Analyst, then you are going to have to deliver on your promises. On top of that, you have to face some obstacles that would be used by business analysts, so be ready for the following two points.

1. Knowledge Requirement: Business analysts are going to encounter different business problems, with varying degrees of complexity. However, no matter what you have to deal with, it is a prerequisite that you do have the required knowledge that you need. If you don’t, then it is difficult to succeed in your role as an analyst. The knowledge could come from different sources, it could be acquired via course or from colleagues. There are various forms of knowledge that you have to gain in your role as a business analyst, from day-to-day. Aside from having a common understanding of the project roles, and knowing detailed requirements, you need to have a technical understanding of the business issue to be a successful business analyst.

2. Organizational Skills: As a business analysis professional, you are the representative of your company. You play the role of the main advocate for your business in front of your management and with potential business partners. As a business analyst, you need to contribute to the company's image as a well-informed and experienced partner. It is often the case that you have no previous experience in sales and/or customer service. Hence the need to have a good rapport with your development team. This is why you need to take extra time to learn. The business scenarios and the business analysis perspective need to align to achieve business objectives and for the successful completion of the project. 

What Resources Can Help?

Register for Business analysis courses to improve your skills, Read the best books and articles on Business Analysis, business vision, business logic, project management, and project management skills to obtain more information. You can find lots of this information on Eny Consulting Business School's website. 


In this article, we have covered the main obstacles that you will find in your role as a Business Analyst: If you found this article helpful, check out more articles related to Business Analysis here .


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